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To shape their everyday life in their familiar surroundings to their personal in satisfaction, many people take advantage of support in their household.

Housekeeping support

Housekeeping support services, if required, are also approved and financed by various insurance schemes (health insurance scheme, nursing care insurance scheme, social welfare office). The objective is to enable people to stay in their familiar domestic surroundings. The services provided under SGB (social security statute book) V, SGB XI and SGB XII include:

  • cleaning of the flat
  • shopping
  • preparing meals
  • washing dishes
  • changing and washing laundry
  • heating the flat
  • accompanying residents to the doctor and to the authorities

Housekeeping help care service - cooking

Housekeeping help care service – cleaning the flat

Housekeeping help / Family care service

If parents are dependent on help or if parents are no longer able to manage their household themselves due to a high-risk pregnancy, hospitalisation, or a stay at a health resort, the health insurance schemes, pursuant to Section 38, SGB V finance the housekeeping help (also referred to as family care) on application.

This is on condition that at least one child under the age of 12 or a handicapped child lives in the parent’s household. A further condition for providing housekeeping help is that no other person lives in the household or that this person is unable to assume the task of housekeeping due to gainful employment, vocational training or physical handicaps.

If, for instance, due to sickness, you should not be able to organise your household on your own, our family care service will make sure that your children will get the best possible care and support in the household.
The services provided in such cases by binschonda include:

  • shopping,
  • cooking,
  • washing the laundry
  • and cleaning the flat

Household help care service – washing the laundry

Household help care service – cleaning of the flat

Other household-related services

Activities, which, as a rule, are not paid for by the health insurance schemes and welfare offices, include the following:

  • window cleaning,
  • washing the curtains,
  • thorough cleaning of the flat, e.g., before and after moving house,
  • Ironing larger amounts of clothes,
  • tending flowers and garden, helping with the balcony, terrace and lawn,
  • janitorial help (minor repair work, clearing out, shifting furniture, minor renovation work, snow removal),
  • tending animals, visits to the veterinarian,
  • accompanying or driving for shopping purposes, to government offices, cultural events or to the cemetery
  • helping with personal correspondence (applications, letters, filing).

household help care service – window cleaning

household help care service – looking after animals

If you should need help here, binschonda will be happy to offer a private package agreement at a favourable hourly rate.
 We perform the listed household services ourselves or have them performed by responsible cooperation partners of long standing.
window cleaning - household-related services

Service of binschonda – window cleaning scheduled as you want it
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Take advantage of our services even before you require nursing care and have binschonda support you in the household and in requirements of everyday life. Please contact us or use our contact form