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We. On location. For you. multilingually understandable.

Allow us, without obligation, to inform you on all practical and theoretical questions relating to nursing, care and housekeeping support.
 Our social workers and examined professional staff are at your service to advise you in their respective fields, be it in our consultation office, in one of the flat-sharing communities attended to by us or, by appointment, at your own or your family residence.

consultation  care service – At your service

We. On location. For you. Individual training and guidance

binschonda will provide relief and help you cope with your personal needs. The fields in which our advisers provide support include:

  • nursing care insurance pursuant to SGB (social security statute book) XI,
  • health insurance pursuant to SGB V and
  • social welfare pursuant to SGB XII.

consultation care service - Social workers and other professional staff
We examine for you the eligibility requirements and kinds of service available. We then advise and support you in applying for a care level classification and over the course of the approval procedure.

The general consultation areas are:

  • Application for cost defrayal by a social welfare scheme
  • Support services for family members providing care (substitute care pursuant to Section 39, SGB XI)
  • Special instruction and training for family members and other caregivers (Section 45, SGB XI)
  • additional care and supplementary services pursuant to Section 45 a and b, SGB XI living quarters adaptation
  • and alternative living arrangements

Focal points of professional care consultation:

  • Filing objections
  • Determining individual help requirements during the first visit
  • Preparing for and participating in visits of the MDK (medical service of the health insurance schemes)
  • Tips for improving and facilitating domestic care (skin care, positioning techniques, nutrition, decubitus, etc.)
  • Conducting consultation visits (Section 37.3, SGB XI) for care allowance recipients
  • Psychosocial support (help designed to prevent crisis situations)

Supplementary consultation services:

  • Information on alternative nursing and care options
  • Consultation and applying for nursing care aids (hygiene items, wheelchairs, walking aids, lifter systems, etc.)
  • Supplementary services such as patient transport or mobile lunch
  • Consultation on supplementary therapeutic services and aids (speech therapists, physiotherapists, etc.)
  • Benefits such as housing allowance or special transport services
  • Benefits provided under SchwbG (law pertaining to severely disabled persons)
  • Release from payment obligations