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Every human being is unique.

binschonda respects and values its clients’ individual wishes and ideas. 

We have our clients and their relatives/carers explain to us the personal situation and then we recommend to them an appropriate nursing support offer.

As a rule, the initial contact takes place at home or in hospital. During the conversation, we inform you about all organisational and nursing aspects and explain the possible costs.

Our activating nursing care is focused on maintaining and restoring our clients’ independence in dealing with their everyday activities. To ensure individual and continuous nursing, binschonda uses the principle of reference care. Each client has a reference caregiver. The composition of the nursing team assigned to a specific client remains unchanged, so that the client soon becomes familiar with each one of its members.

binschonda works in the field of healthcare that comprises basic care, treatment, substitute care and care of people in alternative living arrangements.
Basic care - senior

Basic care

As defined by SGB V, SGB XI and SGB XII (social security books V, XI and XII), the term “basic care” is understood to mean regularly recurring services, which are associated with the following activities:

  • Body care (washing, taking a shower, bathing, tooth brushing, combing, shaving, bowel movement and micturition)
  • Mobility / Transfer (getting up, going to bed, repositioning, dressing, undressing, walking, standing, climbing stairs, leaving the flat and returning to it)
  • Eating (preparing food for ingestion, food intake)

Treatment care – nursing staff

Treatment care

The term “treatment care” comprises activities designed to achieve the medical treatment objective. As a rule, they are delegated to nursing staff in order to avoid hospital stays, heal diseases, prevent deterioration and alleviate complaints.

Services covered by statutory health insurance (SGB V) can also be provided within the framework of pre- and post-operative care. This requires doctor’s orders for home nursing.

Activities for which the attending doctor’s orders are given include:

Substitute care (also prevention care)

Under Section 39 of the SGB XI, all persons requiring care who have an official care level classification, whose carer (designated with the nursing care insurance scheme) is prevented from rendering the nursing service due to holiday, being ill himself or for other personal reasons, are entitled to (substitute) services.

In this case, binschonda performs the nursing service on a substitute basis. For the substitute nursing service to be approved, the carer must have cared for the person requiring care in the past six months prior to being prevented from rendering the service.

If you would like to have more information or help with filing an application with the nursing care insurance scheme, a select team of binschonda carers will be glad to help you. Give us a call or use the contact form Contact form