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binschonda has been an established institution of ambulatory care for over ten years now. Our co-workers provide counselling, nursing, attendance and support in their own homes and in several flat-sharing communities.

binschonda is a modern, growing enterprise offering a wide range of social services. With our work, we want to enable our clients to live in their own flat as long as possible or to provide them with the best possible care in alternative, ambulatory living arrangements.

Nursing service – senior laughing

Nursing service

binschonda provides clients with care services mainly in Berlin’s eastern districts of Lichtenberg, Treptow-Köpenick, Neukölln, Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg, Hellersdorf, Mitte and Pankow.
Just as the national health insurance, nursing care insurance and social security schemes, binschonda defends the principle “ambulatory before stationary care”. binschonda has no shares in stationary facilities, nor do we commercially broker places in nursing homes.

Ulrich Reiter

“Our attendance is as individual as our clients! This distinguishes us.”
Ulrich Reiter, caregiver

The services provided by binschonda are designed for all people requiring assistance and nursing, irrespective of their origin, age, or view of life. Our customers are our clients. Our customer base is as colourful as life itself.

binschonda is a contracting partner of all (company and national) health insurance schemes, nursing care insurance schemes and of the Berlin Senate. Under the contracts, we are authorised to provide services in accordance with:

and to charge fees for the services. All services can also be provided based on a private agreement.

Steffen Höppner

“binschonda is on the move to provides you with all-round services.”
Steffen Höppner, business management

In emergencies, we are there for you round the clock, including Sundays and holidays, i.e., 365 days a year. Also outside office hours, there are always competent caregivers ready to speak with you (no answer phone).