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equipment - smartphone

Web-based service and route planning by smartphone or PC

binschonda uses the app of the web-based care management system of Deutsches Medizinrechenzentrum – German medical computer centre (DMRZ).

Convenient online settlement

binschondaco-workers are provided with smartphones. Duty and route rosters as well as information about clients and services to be provided are always at the co-workers’ fingertips. An exchange between all co-workers involved in providing nursing and care services is possible through the TextSecure app, which has been tested for compliance with legal data privacy provisions.

equipment- VW pool

Volkswagen – modern car pool for the capital

binschonda provides co-workers with company-owned cars for travelling from client to client. On average, the cars, all fitted with automatic or manual transmission, are not older than three years.

Air-conditioned, the cars are mostly made by the Volkswagen Group. The VW UP is very popular among the co-workers because of its comfort, dynamism and manoeuvrability when parking.

binschonda has obtained specially reserved parking spaces in regulated parking zones near the flat-sharing communities (e.g., in Prenzlauer Berg).

Working time models

Individual working time arrangements

The subject of working time is very important for our care workers, as in some cases their different life situations require very individualised working time arrangements. We adjust ourselves to our co-workers’ requirements. The co-worker’s performance in the time he is reliably available is important to us. Thus, a single mother who is unable to work at night enjoys the same esteem as a co-worker who works flexibly in the three-shift system. Both of them give the clients their best within their possibilities.

It is up to you. It doesn’t matter if you want to or can work only 20 or 30 hours, we will find a place for you where you can earn esteem and recognition for your work. If you prefer working on weekends or at night because this is more in accord with your biorhythm or your hobby, this too can be taken into consideration. The important thing to us is that you are in harmony with yourself and your care work. Mutual esteem unites us.

binschonda provides care to clients of different origins, religions, levels of education and with different medical diagnoses. This results in a variety of assignments, fields of work and working time requirements. The secret of success of our business is esteem and the ability to find consensus. binschonda co-workers feel that they are taken seriously and with due regard. There is no “either – or”, no “black or white” – every day, co-workers and management meet each other half way and are interested in each other’s motives.

Career starters and those rejoining the job market

Are you about to take an examination in nursing care or care for the elderly, or to obtain basic qualification as a nursing assistant? We will help you in making a successful career start and in organising and pursuing further education and training.

Our job familiarisation concept is designed flexibly to accommodate the starting conditions of individual applicants. binschonda takes time to ensure successful integration of new co-workers, because the start often determines future success or failure and satisfaction of all parties involved. We allay anxieties, talk a lot with one another and give new colleagues a chance to familiarise themselves with different routes, clients and places of assignment. Only after that do we decide on the actual place of assignment.

Colleagues often like to “rotate” during the job familiarisation phase, especially after a parental leave or a prolonged period of absence from caregiving work. Acting according to the motto: “There is a lid for every pot”, we have our co-workers grow trusting relationships with clients rather than trying to develop them through coercion.

Working atmosphere

We. On location. For you. Great atmosphere.

Only a person of sound body and mind will have the strength, in the long term, to focus on the wishes and needs of our clients.

binschonda does not wear out its co-workers, instead, it attaches importance to maintaining a healthy balance. Time and again, we examine the working conditions at binschonda and look for ways of improving them in order to ensure that our co-workers feel well at work. binschonda gives its co-workers access to all common aids. Efforts are made to avoid unnecessary physical strain wherever possible.

Rebekka Fischer

“We attach importance to quality and cordial mutual relations. Our clients feel this.”
Rebekka Fischer, caregiver

Joy in working together

Even though many co-workers are on ambulatory duty, they feel that they are a part of the binschonda team. In the fairy tale, the hedgehog could not beat the hare alone. binschonda ( „I’m here already “) can only be achieved through teamwork. For this reason, binschonda frequently and gladly supports team-bonding measures such as bowling, climbing, barbecuing, and partying.

Every month, binschonda provides funds and resources for co-workers to meet in smaller or larger social get-togethers. Trust and readiness to support one another grow through joint leisure activities.

Experience is exchanged and improvements to the work processes are agreed in regular team meetings and case reviews. Everyone has a say here. binschonda stands for sound judgement and cooperation on equal terms.