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Further education

The purpose of further education is to maintain and expand our co-workers’ professional knowledge and skills. binschonda does much to keep them abreast of the latest scientific developments. Further education sessions are held regularly during normal working hours.

career – further education – training

Co-workers employed by binschonda are supported in their further education efforts. We finance additional qualification measures in such fields as wound management, practice instruction, quality management and basic gerontopsychiatric qualification.

Training opportunities offered by binschonda

binschonda is very interested in its co-workers’ personal and professional development, offering at least three co-workers each year an opportunity to start on-the-job training as:

geriatric nurse
commercial clerk in the healthcare sector.

career training – caregiving sector

Already in the preparatory stage of a training measure, binschonda sets great store by ensuring a balance between family, work and vocational training school throughout the entire period of training, e.g., by co-ordinating duty rosters with training days and holidays and allowing time for learning and rest with the family.

Training is conducted by committed and experienced practice instructors. Practice instructors and co-workers conclude a goal agreement with binschonda. Framework conditions such as premises for the payment of part or all school fees and remuneration during the training period are agreed. Co-workers, praxis instructors and binschonda are united in pursuing a common goal – successful conclusion of the course.

If you, too, should be interested in vocational training, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Our trainees are assigned according to priority to flat-sharing communities attended to by ambulatory nursing staff. Here, care by the practice instructor can be best ensured.