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Care for people in alternative living arrangements

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binschonda cooperates i.a., with Verein zur Förderung altersgerechten Wohnens gGmbh (www.faw-ggmbH.de), which specialise in the planning and rental of barrier-free apartments for flat-sharing communities.

In collaboration with these association, we advise people requiring care, their relatives and carers on alternative living arrangements and offer people with and without dementia suitable flat-sharing groups with ambulatory attendance. Landlords and the nursing service work in close cooperation and are reliable partners of district authorities, nursing care insurance schemes and carers.

Our common objective is to create for those concerned an environment that is conducive to a good quality of life. Our objective is to preserve and further existing abilities. To us, the right to self determination of those concerned is a matter or course.

In some flat-sharing communities, we also provide care to clients with dementia ailments. Unlike many people believe, persons afflicted with dementia ailments do not wander off for no reason, but rather they pursue a specific purpose when they walk away. Often in their world, they see themselves going to work, going to pick up their children from school or doing something important out of their past. Through intensive work with their biography and relatives, we try to understand our clients’ actions in order to guide their tendencies to wander off so as to prevent them endangering themselves.

Home care and nursing

Attended living in a family atmosphere

As soon as a person requires intensive nursing, his relatives also frequently experience levels of physical and mental stress that test the limits of their endurance. Despite all efforts, home nursing is often no longer possible. If remaining in one’s home is put into question, living in a flat-sharing senior community becomes an attractive alternative to a nursing home. Persons requiring nursing continue living a self-determined life in their own quarters, but they enjoy round-the-clock care according to their individual requirements. The familiar and homely atmosphere, the favourable price and the knowledge that the tenants can live in a self-determined manner are important advantages.

Our offer is directed at persons of various age groups with reduced mobility, those requiring care and those suffering from various ailments. Our objective is to preserve and further the occupants’ abilities.

Flat-sharing community

One’s own quarters

The residents bring their own furniture and hence a piece of their familiar environment and, to a great extent, determine their everyday life. The community draws up its own menu plan and cooks together. Depending on the level of care the occupants require, they participate in domestic chores, shopping, occupational therapy and in excursions and entertainment events.

Our flat-sharing communities are situated in modern, comfortable, smartened up facilities (in Prenzlauer Berg, Mahlsdorf and elsewhere). The size of the individual rooms varies. Each generously appointed common section comprises a kitchen, a dining area and living quarters. Each resident has his own room. He decides himself on how it is appointed and furnished. All rooms are bright, friendly and some have a balcony or an outside terrace. The next tram stop is located within five minutes’ walking distance.

Appointment characteristics of flat-sharing communities:

Services offered and financing


The rental costs vary depending on room size and in most cases they are within the scope of WAV (Berlin’s housing alignment regulation). The rent includes heating, operating costs, electricity, telephone, TV and garbage disposal charges. The rental contract is concluded directly between the occupants and the FAW, the landlord.


In addition, binschonda nursing service requires payment of the costs of board and household on an individual basis.

Nursing, care and accompaniment

binschonda settles accounts for the nursing services rendered directly with the nursing care insurance schemes and district authorities. Depending on the nursing service required and the financial situation of the client concerned, he may be asked to pay a share of the costs from his own funds.

Give us a call or use our contact form We look forward to your visit and will be glad to advise you regarding our services. The key element is your personal situation with regard to the kind of help you require. Based on the jointly determined requirements, we will draw up a balanced and customised service offer.