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We. On site. For you. Quality and control.

As a modern and professional service provider, binschonda (I’ll be right there) regards the constantly growing quality requirements as an opportunity, and rises to the challenge of being evaluated by its co-workers and clients on a yearly basis.

binschonda has adopted binding operating guidelines, which have been compiled in a quality assurance manual. The manual is at once a guideline, work instrument and a roadmap. Nursing rounds, case reviews, team and duty meetings, and quality circles help binschonda to reflect upon and to keep reinventing itself.

We attach importance to quality already in selecting and integrating our co-workers. A careful process of selection is followed by training and coaching. Good solutions and successful methods are shared by the entire organisation. The transfer of know-how and methods takes place at all levels of the enterprise.
quality management

We do not aspire to get the “golden seal” or the highest mark of the MDK (insurance companies’ medical service), since our focus is not on compliance with artificially created test standards. What we set store by is staying true to our vision – “binschonda regards itself as a cosmopolitan, social, service provider, which always reaches for the impossible in order to achieve the possible for its clients”.

In the annual client polls, binschonda constantly is rated as very good. These results show us that our efforts to provide a quality service are paying off. Our enterprise culture and the measures we take to assure nursing service quality, which we monitor centrally, are in tune with our clients’ and their relatives’ expectations.

Quality inspections by the MDK

Every year, the MDK inspects ambulatory and stationary nursing facilities. For years now, binschonda’s work has been rated as good to very good. This means that overall, binschonda takes very good care of its clients living at home and in flat-sharing communities attended to by ambulatory nursing staff.

In each case, binschonda’s most recent inspection results based on transparency criteria are shown in the following:

Inspection of January 6, 2015
criteria nursing service transparency 2016

You will find more details on inspection results, e.g., at AOK- Nursing service navigator.